We recently went and stayed with a bunch of family up at a cabin away from most everything but each other. There was lots of time to hang out with cousins that we do not get to see often enough and lots of time to introduce my kiddos to Woof-Ems. They call them Woof-Ems because you “woof” them right up!

I love this picture! All the cousins together.

My uncle taught us these years ago and they are a favorite fire pit snack when we get together. He now uses them as a special thing to do with his scouts. The key, he says, is to get as creative as you want. This tutorial is just the basics and only the beginning to what you can create.

***Now this “share” comes with a CAUTION: These Woof-Ems are usually passed on by experience and are truely appreciated more because of the experience. These pictures do not do them any justice! ***


What You Need:

  • Premade Refrigerated Biscuits
  • A creative roasting stick (you can see it in the picture below). Supplies are usually at a hardware store.
  • Fillings (basic is pudding -individual size for camping is perfect or jam/preserves)
  • Topping (basic is whipped cream)



Step 1: Prep all supplies so they are ready to add in when everything is hot and warm. i.e. open individual puddings and have the whipped cream out.


Step 2: Take one biscuit and flatten it around wooden dowel (the size of a large marshmallow). Try to cover it as much as possible and have the dough spread out as much as possible.

Step 3: Bake/roast it in the fire until completely baked. This fire just got started so it was a bit hot and probably not the best. Usually a flame that will bake a marshmallow well will work perfect for these. Make sure you rotate it so it can bake evenly.

Step 4: Once baked it should pull off the stick easily. Fill with pudding and top with whipped cream for a little extra pizazz.

Step 5: The easiest part…Devour! YUM!!!


And just because I cannot show their backs with out showing their cute faces…

Gotta love cousin time! They sure do!




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    • says

      Everyone I know usually makes them. They use a long wooden dowel bought at any store, the thickest kind. Then they usually cut the larger end with their wood cutting tools. (They really do look like a large marshmallow.) And then drill a hole into larger end piece about the same size as the dowel so it is tight (can add glue in hole, but I don’t think my dad’s sticks have any it it). I’ve seen wooden spools that are not the exact same thing, but are close enough if you are looking for it. I’ve heard them say that making the end piece is really easy. Hope this helps and I hope your teenagers enjoy it as much as we do!

  1. Emily Ferons says

    Sean’s family always makes these. I’ve never met anyone else who has even heard of them. They are fun and yummy.

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