Week 2 Check-in #FitnessChallenge

It’s Week 2! How are you feeling? This pretty much sums up my workout when my family is around!

Dustin Maher 6 Week Fitness Challenge

I know¬†this picture is not the best quality, but I just think it is awesome! Saturday morning my son saw that I was getting my DVD ready to workout and stated “Oh, you are going to workout. Me, too!” and the next thing I know all the kids are right beside me copying. They all needed their own ball, of course! And so we opted for the smaller ones instead of mom’s exercise ball for all 3. That would have been crazy! Even the baby wanted one, but all she did with it is throw it! My son also declared that he was just as strong and needed to go shirtless like the “super strong dude” (Dustin Maher) on the case of the ab workout!


Fresh Start Fitness Challenge 2014 #freshstart2014

Now it is your turn! Check In HERE!

If you are wanting to join in on the fun, go here to find out the info and how this Fitness Challenge works. It is never too late to start!

What are you going to improve this week?

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