Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt {Review}

So the past 3 weeks I have been enjoying a lovely product that I would love to share with all you new and nursing moms out there. It is called the Undercover Mama Shirt. This shirt fits right into my current wardrobe and is comfortable to wear. As a nursing mom, one thing I find a little difficult to hide while nursing is any lovely exposed skin (in my case…cough…unwanted tummy rolls) while nursing. This shirt helps solve that problem and makes it easier to focus on the baby and nursing rather than what is exposed. See what I mean below? Love it!

“The Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches to any nursing bra. Layer it under any shirt & keep your style without investing in a new wardrobe of nursing shirts. Undercover Mama¬†transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt! Two attachment options included with every shirt, Undercover Mama will¬†work with any nursing bra…and like an undershirt with non-nursing bras when you are finished breastfeeding. Make nursing comfortable and affordable while keeping covered and maintaining your style.”

This shirt was easy to attach and is very comfortable to wear. I thought it may be a little warm to wear an extra layer, but I have not found that to be the case. Even nursing in public is more enjoyable. It is not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but I found myself in need of having to feed my baby while in a lobby at a Dr.s office after an appointment lasted longer than expected. With this shirt, I did not even have to hesitate. I used what little blanket I had and was able to nurse my newborn discreetly. Awesome!

Check out this video demonstration of the shirt…



  • Comfortable fabric
  • Easily attaches to nursing bra
  • Has 2 different attachment options to assure you have a good fit
  • Does not add any extra bulk around arms
  • Helps make nursing more comfortable without exposing yourself
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • The neckline is not higher. So, if you are wanting more coverage for a low cut shirt an additional shirt is needed, which is another layer. BUT, I did not find having an extra layer was too much of a big deal for this purpose.

I highly recommend this shirt for any nursing mom and is on my “Baby Must Have” list!


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  1. Thanks for sharing Michelle! I’ll have to get one. Nursing clothes are on my list of things I need since now I have a toddler to watch while I’m taking care of another little guy! :)

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