Ultimate Sumo Wrestling – Pillow Style


Whatever the weather is outside anything to do with pillows is always a big hit! So, if you find yourself stuck inside and prefer not to damage your pillows (or let everyone damage your pillows) stuff them instead and put on your serious face, which I guarantee will be pretty hard to do. I dare you!  😉

Pillow Games

Credit for this family fun probably goes to one of the adult boys (my brothers or husband) who thought the kiddos needed a little entertainment.

So, this couch donated it’s cushions and….

Pillow fun with couch cushions


when combined with some oversized t-shirts we get…

Ultimate Pillow Fight


Add some music and we quickly got to this… :-)

Pillow Activity for Kids

P.S. Everything must end in a belly tackle/slam!


Even the teenagers/young adults had to suit up and give it a try. It made for great entertainment for everyone participating and watching!



AND now if you do not want to do this yourself right now, you can at least get a little chuckle at watching our munchkins go at it below….

I know we are not the first to come up with this idea, but I thought readers (you!) could get some entertainment from this, too! So enjoy and have your own Ultimate Sumo Wrestling Event!



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