Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote Review


When it comes to a bags and totes, I tend to go for function and capacity more than looks. That is until I discovered the Thirty-One. They do not carry just purses, but a variety of totes large and small, backpacks, wallets, umbrellas, organizers, basket liners, stationary and so much more. They come in a variety of shades and patterns that you are sure to find what you want in a pattern or color that is all you! I did not realize they carried so many items and I love flipping through their catalog dreaming about what I could use each item for.

For example, I received this Large Utility Organizer in Black Parisian Pop a few weeks ago and have been able to use it for almost everything! First, I love the print on this organizer and really does add a sophisticated feel to it. The Large Utility Organizer is also the perfect size (10″ High, 15.5 ” Wide and 6.5″ Deep). Not too big that it is cumbersome to carry, but big enough to fit whatever I need. It carries easily and seems to stand on it’s own when sitting on the ground. I can use this in place of a basket near my piano for all my music books or to keep the library books all together or I can fill it with everything I need for a picnic or a trip across town for a family dinner. It seems to carry everything I need and the pockets are nice to separate all the small stuff and keeping it from getting lost with the larger items.

I recently took this bag across town for a family reunion and family pictures. Since we had to plan for play in the morning and wardwarbe change/look super cute in the afternoon, we had to bring lots of extras with us.

In it I have:

  • 4 outfits (shorts/shirt) for my kiddos 1 out fit for pictures and one extra just in case,
  • 2 pairs of shoes – 1 adult and 1 kid
  • 1 large container of chocolate cookies for the lunch
  • Sweater and flower head band
  • a tin of hair ties – side pocket
  • brush – side pocket
  • 2 pairs socks – side pocket
  • deodorant – side pocket
  • random this and that in the 2 side mesh pockets.

It was nice for the trip over because nothing fell out or got lost in the trunk of the car as the bag held itself up and it was easy to transfer from one location to another. Normally, I would have stuffed everything into 4 or so grocery bags and would have had to open them all multple times trying to find what I needed. It was absolutely lovely!


If you are in the market for a gift giving, check out Thirty-One and I am sure you will find something perfect!


Contact Kara Merritt to order your own or join her  facebook group to learn more.


* I received product to facilitate the review above. All opinions are 100% my own


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