SweetShine Girls {Review and Giveaway}


My 5 year old daughter loves ALL things girly. So, when we were offered an opportunity for an exclusive sneak peek of the SweetShine Girls doll line, we jumped on it excited to try something new!All Dolls


And my daughter was not disappointed when she first saw her doll. She was so excited to get Bliss Sunkiss, if you can’t tell from the picture below, and had to get her hands on it as soon as possible!

SweetShine Girls Review

About The SweetShine Girls

“The beginning of the rainbow is where colorful energy is its brightest, and the world literally lights up with possibilities. This is the home of the SweetShine Girls – a group of friends so sweet, they shine! Each SweetShine Girl lights up with a rainbow of colors and projects her own secret symbol into the sky above. Swirls, Suns, Hearts, Diamonds…and more! And all SweetShine Girls come with cute charms for their hair, easy-change fashions to wear – and adorable pets to add to the fun!”

Bliss Sunkiss™

This doll could not have come at a better time for my daughter. In preparation for our youngest, who is starting to crawl and put everything into her mouth, we have put away for awhile a lot of our toys that are small or have tiny pieces. This includes for my oldest, a large collection of small dolls with thin flexible plastic clothing that would not survive in the hands (or mouth) of her baby sister.

What we love about this doll:

  • All pieces that are removable are bright and easily seen (making it easier to keep track of).
  • Clothing is made out of a thicker flexible plastic that seems like it will not tear when removed.
  • The head/hair is made of soft plastic allowing it to cushion the actual light, so it doesn’t have the hard head of a flashlight.
  • No annoying music, although my 5 year old loves watching the SweetShine Girls commercial over and over again!
  • My daughter, of course, loves that it lights up and changes color causing the doll’s hair to change color, too.
  • When clothing is removed, the doll still looks appropriate. It is actually just solid yellow body underneath the same color as her neck and face with the slight ruffle line for the suggestion of underwear.

We received Bliss Sunkiss a couple of days before our house was full of girl cousins. My daughter could not wait to take each cousin and show them the doll’s hair and secret symbol, in our case it was a sun.

Glow in the Dark Dolls


The SweetShine Girls are currently available at select retailers in the Phoenix area and will be coming soon nationally. So, how would you love to get your hands on one for your favorite doll lover?

WIN a SweetShine Girl!

I have a Lola Twinklepink for one lucky reader! ENTER BELOW!!!

Lola Twinklepink

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**Product was received to supplement this review. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Stephanie says

    Niece has asked for Lola Twinklepink for her Birthday. We live on East Coast…..having a hard time finding one.

  2. JoAnne Sandoval says

    My older girls still like dolls like these but not for very much longer I think Sprinx when Emily gets older :)

  3. Carolyn says

    In a household of three boys ages 5-9, I finally got my girl a month ago and would be happy to have ANY girl toys to help stock up for when she is ready.

  4. Derek says

    The commercial for these are out, but they are already sold out on line at Toys R Us. My daughter is obsessed with the Lola Twinklepink, but can’t seem to find them anywhere! It would be a wonderful surprise to have this for her birthday next.

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