Sticker Activity Books And Co-op Games That Really Rock From Peaceable Kingdom {Review & Giveaway}


“At Peaceable Kingdom it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s all about playing together!” With a slogan like that, I could not help but be interested in learning more about the Peaceable Kingdom’s line of “Cooperative Games.”

“In a world that preaches cooperation but overwhelmingly celebrates winners over losers, Peaceable Kingdom has found a way for kids and families to have fun by playing together in a non-competitive way. Dubbed, “Cooperative Games” these games emphasize play, not competition. The goal is for players to work together, help each other, and, most important, play for the fun of it.”

I have never been a huge fan of a lot of popular board games probably because growing up when we played the game usually ended when someone decided to toss the board and all the pieces to the side out of frustration and anger because they were loosing. It was never a fun experience for everyone. So, I have been avoiding most of them with my own children…that is until now. For example, we were lucky enough to get the game BUZZ! to add to our game closet. It’s a game where players try to pick up all their nectar pieces (the dots on the flower) and make it back to the Hive before the bear gets to the Hive. Everyone has to make it back to the hive before the bear in order to win.

When I first introduced the game BUZZ! to them, a few of their first reactions while playing was to tell the other one “I’m going to beat you!”, calling the other a “Cheater!” or sad face when they thought they were loosing. I had to emphasize that we only win when we ALL get to the Hive, not just one. It is a new concept, but it starting to sink in! We have played this game almost everyday for the past 2 weeks, especially when Dad gets home. If we have a friend over during the day, the kiddos are always excited to introduce the game to them, too. They love explaining the “new rules”. We have found that the age suggestion of 5 and up is pretty accurate. The times we have played with friends younger than 5, the seemed to loose interest before the end of the game verses friends who are older usually make it to the end with enthusiasm still left. And another perk is that the game does not take a super long time to finish, hence the enthusiasm still lingering after playing!


Peaceable Kingdom also has a line of sticker posters, sticker activity books and a new-style of stickers that “do anything but stay on the page… they literally glow-in-the-dark, dance and flicker, orpop out under the view of 3D glasses!” I have not met a child who does not enjoy playing with stickers, especially stickers that come in themes of: aliens, ponies, monsters and fairies.

We had a lot of fun playing with the Monster Sticker Activity Book. What intrigued me about these stickers is that they are not your typical “Take sticker. Put on page. Do next sticker.” type of stickers. They are repositionable! So they allow for a lot more imaginative play than a basic sticker. In our case, I made the kiddos share and take turns, but they really loved the monsters themed stickers. They were able to create a party, choose food for the monsters, put together a puzzle and even make monster faces (I can see those pages definitely being rearranged over and over again). Even Dad had to get in on the action! It is not an uncommon site for me to find that one of the kids has sneaked into another room with the sticker book to rearrange a few stickers. Gotta love it!


Enter below to WIN your own Game or Sticker Book

(available games to choose from are: What’s It?, The Great Cheese Chase, BUZZ!, or Stack Up! and available sticker activity books themes to choose from are: Dinosaur, Magical Ponies, Monster or Princess)

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**Product was provided in order to assist the review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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