Snowman Ideas

UPDATE: I apologize for the mess. A lot of these sites have moved their pics. I am on the search to find the activities again. So keep coming back as I update this list!

I know you have been meaning to make a snowman to participate in our Snowman Building Challenge this month. Don’t put it off any longer! If you cannot make it outside or do not have any snow, make a snowman inside. Here are some great indoor ideas and some Snowman Food ideas that would make a great snack or treat! So pick something, do it, snap a picture, if you can, and share it under the January Family Challenge (picture or just a comment) or on the Fun On a Dime facebook page. Have fun!

Indoor Snowmen

Make a Snowman Lantern from a milk or vinegar container

Milk and/or Vinegar Jug Snowman Lantern

Make It a Game

Frost-free the Snowman

Make your fridge a Snowman

Sock Snowfolk


Snowmen from Food

Coconut Snowman

Coconut Snowman

Frosty the Bagel

Serve a Melted Frosty

Turn Your Ice Cream into a Snowman

Snowman on a Stick

Brownie Snowman

Doughnut Snowmen

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