Pirate Pizza

My son wanted “Pirate Pizza” for his birthday. I am not sure if I would categorize this as a failure or success. The final picture does not do it justice and I think it would have looked better minus the sausage. BUT my son loved it, told everyone about it for over a week after I made it and still talks about it months later, so I think that makes it a huge success! I think he thought it was cool, too, because he got to help make it and saw what we were attempting to create. lol

What You Need:

  • A pizza ready to add the cheese (great pizza recipe here)
  • Paper with a cut out of a scull & crossbones (or other object you want to create)
  • Cheese


Step 1: Make/prep your pizza with all the toppings you want except the cheese. We always use ourĀ favorite pizza recipe.

Step 2: This part can be for your little helpers, if any…Place cut out on pizza and then add your cheese. This is obvious, but be sure to remove the paper before placing the pizza in the oven to bake! Try not to add too much cheese around the edges of the paper because once the cheese melts it will melt into your design if there is too much. I attempted to add cheese where the eyes were (see the far right picture).

Step 3: Bake! If you look closely you can see the design and I will admit that you could see it better in person. BUT it is all going to get eaten, right? Luckily, since my son helped make it, I think he was more excited by the idea of it.

Step 4: Serve with some “Pirate Root Beer” and you will have one happy group of Pirates!


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