Homemade Bubble Blowers

Looking at the weather lately I do not know what to think. I feel so bad for my friends who are freezing their toesies off and, yet, I am loving the “way to early to be this warm” weather here in sunny AZ. I have lived my fair share of years cooped up inside during the winter, so I totally feel the pain of being cooped up. So in honor of everyone warm or freezing, we are sharing a fun and inexpensive activity that everyone should love indoors or out!

1 Bubble Fun with Straws


What You Need:

  • Bubbles
  • 2 straws - I always snag a couple extra when we go out to eat just for these occasions!
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Small measuring cup (medicine size is perfect)
  • Stir-crazy children



Step 1: Cut two straws in half.

Bubble Straw Blowers


Step 2: Tape all 4 straws together to make a Bubble Pipe (see below). We found it helpful to tape in the middle, but also 1/2 inch from the edge the bubble mixture will be touching.

Bubble Straw Blowers 1


Step 3: Fill your measuring cup half way with bubble liquid. See the cup below? Perfect, right?!?!

Homemade Bubbles


TIP: We discovered the small measuring cups were perfect for this kind of bubble play! They are a good fit for the kiddos hand/fingers, fit the straws perfectly and, most importantly, if they happen to “accidentally” spill it, you did not loose the whole bottle!


Step 4: Go outside and let them blow away!!! OR…

Bubble Fun - with strawsBubble Fun with Straws


…Go to the bathtub and let them blow their little bubble hearts out! The bathtub is a great place to contain the bubble mess and they still can go crazy!

P1110205Bubble Fun with Straws


In case you are wondering, you can fit 3 kiddos comfortably in the tub area. Ha! But the wee one was ruling the zone!

Fighting indoor boredom with bubbles


They had a lot of fun and it was a super easy clean up!

Homemade Bubble Blowers


What are your favorite Bubble Activities?


Week 4 #FitnessChallenge Check In

It’s the start of Week 5! ….Make this Fitness Challenge something to be proud of!


Fresh Start Fitness Challenge 2014 #freshstart2014

Now it is your turn! Check In HERE!

If you are wanting to join in on the fun, go here to find out the info and how this Fitness Challenge works. It is never too late to start!

What helps you reach your fitness goals?

Week 3 Check In #FitnessChallenge

It’s Week 4! Holy Moly! We are half way through. Can you believe it? We have probably all have let a little bit of our motivation go by now. Life happens. I totally get it! Just recommit to finish strong. This is only 6 weeks and we have 3 weeks left. So, no matter what….Make this Fitness Challenge something to be proud of!

Balloons at Funeral - Fun On a Dime

I‘ll be honest, that I have been a bit side tracked this past week. My family celebrated a GREAT man’s life the first half of Week 3 and all our focus was on that. But Week 4 is a time to start Fresh again. Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming. I am going to enjoy it, share my love and even eat some treats, but I am going to remind myself that 1 or 2 pieces of chocolate is plenty and I do not have to eat the whole box in one sitting. I’ll probably be repeating in my head, “I am in control” all week. LOL Can you tell I am a chocolate lover?!?


Fresh Start Fitness Challenge 2014 #freshstart2014

Now it is your turn! Check In HERE!

If you are wanting to join in on the fun, go here to find out the info and how this Fitness Challenge works. It is never too late to start!

What are your Valentine’s Day Traditions?

Exploring the Benefits of Music and Color with GiggleBellies Musical Adventures {Giveaway}

 I was provided with a GiggleBellies Ultimate Fan Pack to review and share my experience with you, my readers. Regardless all opinions are 100% my own!


GiggleBellies logo

Before becoming a parent, my idea of children’s music was something that scared me and I avoided it, but I have been proven wrong again and again over the years with music like the GiggleBellies. This is not the typical annoying music that I remember my little sisters listening to with crazy instruments and high pitched singing. The music from the GiggleBellies Musical Adventures are beautifully sung songs that I, as a parent, would not mind having stuck in my head all day and better yet, my children love them. They especially love watching the DVD that accompanyies each song that was designed with specific colors to match the mood of each tune and interesting GiggleBellies characters to catch your youngsters attention.


“We strive to initiate the words “Play it again” and bring forth valuable and fun entertainment to your little ones. Our goal is to inspire toddlers and preschoolers to sing, dance and learn, which we believe is a balanced approach….Simply put, we create unique music and creative worlds that kids enjoy and understand. AHOOGA!™”

Scientists have studied the benefits of music and color and the creators of Gigglebellies have put these studies into action by creating entertaining and colorful scenes to go with each song and in turn truly creating a musical adventure. I have read articles about the science of color theory in relation to children and it has been so fun to actually see it in action and experience it with music.


Our Experience

As soon as I turned on our first DVD all my children were mesmerized by the music and colors. I will admit that I was a little more curious about the animals that are part of the music. They are different, but they children loved them and they have grown on me because, like I mentioned earlier, I really like the music. My two older children will stop everything they are doing to listen to the music. My 15 month old really likes them, too, but she has her own way of enjoying them. I like to put a DVD in while I load the dishwasher to distract her. It will not be long before I hear her squealing on the other side of the room from me dancing and twirling. (Watch her in action here) Love it!

GiggleBellies review and giveaway


A couple other things that surprised me was that a lot of the songs are classics that every child should know, like “Working on The Railroad” and “Down By the Bay”. My other surprise were the GiggleBellies characters. They are  a bit quirky looking, but they have grown on me and my children did not even notice that they were different. They love them just as much or more than the music! In fact, before I ever agreed to try out these videos I made sure to play a few previews to see their reaction. When they all came running across the house when they heard the music and then kept asking to see more, I knew they were all going to enjoy these!


Other Gigglebellie Perks

With each DVD all the songs are available in MP3 format and include free color pages, lyric sheets and a couple fun wallpapers. This means I can make my own CD or download them onto my phone to let my little ones listen to when we are on the go.  I can also download and print the coloring pages for my 2 older children to color their hearts out, which my 6 year old will enjoy the most because she is a coloring maniac!


Enter to WIN!

You can win your own The GiggleBellies DVDs Triple Pack by entering below OR if you cannot wait and want to purchase them now you can use the…

coupon code: mom2014 for 10% your entire purchase

…with no minimum purchase amount. The coupon code expires on March 31, 2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

3 Ways to Reward Yourself and a SALE!!!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market.

We all have times in our lives when we need a little reward. I am currently doing our Fresh Start Fitness Challenge on this site with some of the readers and find that having a little reward at the end of the week when I hit my goal has been a great motivator for me. But first, you have to create a way to track your progress. I think weekly goals are most helpful for me and are frequent enough to help keep me going until the next one. An easy way to do this is to create daily points for achieving your goal(s) and keep track for the week (i.e. drinks 64 oz water = 1 pt, not eating sugar = 1 pt, etc.). Do not make the points super complicated, but something just challenging enough that you have to work for it. And then find a reward for you to aim for that is big enough to make you excited to achieve your goal, but small enough that you can afford to do it weekly, if needed.

Here are 3 ways to reward yourself that I have come up with that are too fun not to share:


Spoil Your Face and Take Advantage of a Sale

What do you need or really enjoy when it comes to your face? Cleansers, Eye Creams, Toners, Moisturizers, Scrubs, Masks and Serums? Good news! They are all on sale this weekend, February 7-9, at your local Whole Foods Market where they are having a 3 Day Facial Care Sale. You will be able to find a wide variety of facial skin products for any skin type and age all for 25% off.



reward like “spoiling my face” would be a great excuse for me to take advantage of a sale like the one at Whole Foods Market this week and get some products that I normally would not get for myself. As an added bonus, with Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standards, I know I will be getting products made with quality ingredients and meet Whole Foods Market’s high standards.


The Goal: Set a weekly point goal and if you reach it, you win your reward! For example, if you can earn 5 points a day,  make your goal 32 points or whatever points are going to be challenging. Make sure you allow yourself to miss a couple points that week because life happens.

The Reward: Have a Spa Night or buy a facial products that you have always wanted to try. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you are excited about.


Create A Need for Motivation

Sometimes you have to create your own famine to get you motivated to achieve your goals. Think about something that  you really enjoy doing and then you will need to avoid it until you reach your goal. I like this one for those times when you need a reward a little more often than weekly and more like a daily reward. But, if you can make it a weekly goal, I find it is a lot more rewarding.

The Goal: Avoid T.V. or a favorite show, chocolate, Facebook or something else that you find enjoyable. Set a weekly point goal and if you reach it, you win your reward.

The Reward: To enjoy the thing you have been avoiding. Do not gorge, but enjoy a little bit. For instance, do not watch hours of T.V. to make up for time lost, but watch 1 show you really wanted or only have a few piece of chocolate instead of a whole 12 pack, etc.


Winner’s Choice for Date Night

I think this one may be my favorite, especially if you are competing with (not against!) your spouse! Can you tell I am a little competitive?

The Goal: Whoever achieves the highest weekly points WINS!

The Reward: Winner will pick what you will both do for date night.

I know my husband would love to go to a dinner and a movie, that is his ideal date, and I would love to take him to do something we have never done before, like riding a tandem bike, going bowling or attending a local school play.


How Do You Reward Yourself?

Week 2 Check-in #FitnessChallenge

It’s Week 2! How are you feeling? This pretty much sums up my workout when my family is around!

Dustin Maher 6 Week Fitness Challenge

I know this picture is not the best quality, but I just think it is awesome! Saturday morning my son saw that I was getting my DVD ready to workout and stated “Oh, you are going to workout. Me, too!” and the next thing I know all the kids are right beside me copying. They all needed their own ball, of course! And so we opted for the smaller ones instead of mom’s exercise ball for all 3. That would have been crazy! Even the baby wanted one, but all she did with it is throw it! My son also declared that he was just as strong and needed to go shirtless like the “super strong dude” (Dustin Maher) on the case of the ab workout!


Fresh Start Fitness Challenge 2014 #freshstart2014

Now it is your turn! Check In HERE!

If you are wanting to join in on the fun, go here to find out the info and how this Fitness Challenge works. It is never too late to start!

What are you going to improve this week?

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