Drive In Movie Night at Home {Review}

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Summer is upon us and it is always hard to find budget friendly activities that are FUN for our family of 8. I believe I have hit the jackpot with this activity!  We are having a pizza party and a stay home drive in movie night .#SummerGoodies Pizza is always a crowd pleaser but can be pricey when ordering take out. This is an easy problem to fix with DIGIORNO oven ready pizza’s! We started our family activity by heading to our neighborhood  Walmart and getting our supplies. We purchased the DIGIORNO Design A Pizza Kit, DIGIORNO Rising Crust Pizza, and pizzeria! from DIGIORNO. #CollectiveBias

photo 1-002Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

We gathered the rest of our movie night supplies and off we went to go home and get ready!

photo 2-002Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

We set up our night by getting our camping chairs out and setting up the room. If you live someplace cooler than sunny Arizona I would totally do this in the backyard but when it is still over a 100 degrees at movie time an air conditioned family room is much more comfortable!!

photo 2-001Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

Next we set up our concession stand. The kids are so excited about this part it just might as well be Christmas. I set it up and they just got to look at it and stratergize how they were gonna get what they wanted. They each got $2.00 in quarters to spend and nothing else so they had to pick and choose what they wanted to get. This was so much harder for them than I thought it would be but a great math activity! I love throwing in learning activities when they aren’t expecting it!

photo 3-001Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

First off of course was our pizza party! We pulled out our oven ready DIGIORNO pizza’s and got to work. We popped two of our pizzas in the oven and while they cooked we made our DIGIORNO Design A Pizza Kit. I picked the spinach, tomato, red onion and pepperoni kit. There were so many choices it was hard to choose but I am so happy I picked this one it was delicious! The kids had a blast helping put the toppings on. Having the kids interact with food always helps kids be adventuresome and try foods they wouldn’t normally try.

photo 1-001Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza


The other pizza’s that we picked were the pizzeria! from DIGIORNO pepperoni and the DIGIORNO Rising Crust cheese pizza. These were all kid approved and super yummy! Add a side salad and dinner was a complete hit.  A huge plus was the cost savings. DIGIORNO oven ready pizza’s are great to have in the freezer for a fun family night at a fraction of the cost of ordering delivery pizza.

photo 1Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

Now let our at home drive in movie night begin, after a trip to the concession stand of course!

photo 3Concession Stand, drive-in, pizza

You have to try this activity out at your house! My kids exclaimed it was the most fun movie night ever!!! It will definitely be added to our summer traditions list.


Homemade Chia Pet Head

Getting creative with a chia pet head

What fun we had watching seeds grow as hair from our chia pet’s head! Creating your own chia pet (or head) is super easy and a great activity for everyone to see nature in action!

How to create a human face chia pet

What You Need:

  • Soil

  • Sawdust (optional. It is just a filler)

  • Nylon – (Can get knee highs for pretty cheap at the store)

  • Chia seed, wheat grass seed, regular grass seed, or any other herb seed

  • String or rubber bands

  • A little bowl for your creation to sit in



Cut nylon to size you would like your chia pet to be (you can always make it smaller later). Get nylon wet. Add seeds to toe area or where you would like “hair” to grow. Add plenty of seed so you have a lot of hair! Keep the directions for the seeds so you can refer to them later. Add 2 handfuls of dirt on top of seeded area. If you don’t have enough dirt, you can add sawdust to fill the rest of the nylon until you get desired size. Allow room for give so you can “design” your pet.

how to make a homemade chia pet

Now you can create your pet into something other than a potato! You can make a head, caterpillar, or anything you want. My son thought it would be fun to do a head! You can use rubber bands or string to tie off different areas. All I had was string from when I used to do cross-stitching and it worked great!

make an easy chia pet at home

Tie off the area you would like and then shaping afterwards is easy (like, if you wanted a more pointy nose instead of a round nose).

Home Made Chia Pet - Chia Head 4

Our “Man” with ears and a nose

Then decorate. My son said he needed eyes and eyebrows.

Home made Chia Pet Head

After “Man” has been shaped a bit more and given some more features.

Place your creation in the little bowl in an area where everyone can watch its hair grow. Our seed directions said to keep the dirt wet until seedlings appeared, which took about 5 days. We made him on a Monday afternoon and by Saturday night you could see a few tiny sprouts that were able to get through the nylon. By Sunday morning he had a full head of hair and by Monday morning ( a week after he was created) he had an inch of hair!


What I Would Have Done Differently

If I could have…I would have bought the Chia seed and invited a ton of mom/kids over and made these. We could not find any wheat grass seeds or chia seeds in small packets (we looked everywhere!). We finally found some chia seeds at the health food store, but they were $14 for a pretty big bottle and I didn’t want to spend that much or have that much seed leftover. So, we ended up using regular grass seed that we used for our backyard. It worked nice, but it would be fun to have something growing we could use.


chia pet hide and go seek

Keep a good eye on him. After a good morning of cleaning and play, I noticed “Man” was missing! The kids claimed they did not know where he was. I finally found him under the trampoline and now my son admits (2 days later) that he moved him because, ” ‘Man’ wanted to hide from the sun!”



This post was originally posted on May 17, 2010 on our original blogspot. This was one of our first of many activities!

5 Fun Activities to do with Dolls and a GIVEAWAY!

*Product was received to help facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own!

Summer time is upon us and the question in everybody’s mind is,  ”what are we gonna do now????” In my house we have girls, girls, and a few more girls.  Add in a few friends and even more girls. My poor son! If you have girls, likely you have dolls, more dolls than you know what to do with. Here are some fabulously fun activities to do with those wonderful girls and their dolls!


Princess Movie Pajama Party

Invite some friends to come  over in their summer PJ’s with their dolls all ready for bed and watch a fun girly movie. Our movie of choice today was Brave! Pop some popcorn and an instant party has begun.



Pedicures are always a blast and pampering your dolls with new hair and pretend painted nails is fun for any girl!

5 activities to play with a doll


Tea Party

Tea parties are an all time favorite way to pass an afternoon. Dolls are a great added guest to any party. My kids favorite is to have lemonade, fishes, and mini marshmallows at their tea parties


Birthday Party

Throw a doll birthday party with games, decorations and mini cupcakes. There are lots of fun miniature foods that kids can make too (tiny sandwiches and fruit kabobs on toothpicks etc) . They will enjoy prepping and throwing the party all by themselves. This would be great for older sisters or girls to do for their younger siblings and friends.

doll party5 activities to play with a doll


Play School

Dolls are a great student and it is a great way for kids to stay up on their learning while making it loads of fun. I always have extra worksheets printed that they can use for playing school. Little do they know they are actually learning (shshsh don’t tell).


All of these fun activities are great for kid of all ages with any kind of doll but can be even more fun with a new doll. Groovy Girls, from parent company The Manhattan Toy Company has a fabulous line of soft plush dolls that are modern and fun and a super cute princess doll and bed. They recently received a Parents Choice Award  for their dolls! That definitely means awesome!!!


My personal favorite is the Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia! Oh my goodness she is so cute and is the perfect doll for my little girl. She even has a bed to sleep in!

5 activities to play with a doll

My older girls are really into American Girl Dolls right now but since she is too young this is the perfect fit for her!!! It is just her  size and soft and plush. Hours of entertainment can be had with a great doll!!! Check them out, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!!

5 activities to play with a doll


 What is your favorite doll activity?


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Operation Organization: Intro

I am expecting my 7th child and am due in September. I have been laid up on the couch for a few months with morning sickness or in my case all day long night is the worst sickness! My husband and kids did their best keeping the house running but a few areas are in need of a little TLC.

I am sure everyone has rooms that need some organization and a little love. Do you have linen closets that look like this….

(Sorry for the awful picture I started working on it before I took another picture)

Hall closet makeover - before

My kids put away the laundry and the name of the game has been open the door really fast throw the linens in and slam the door shut as fast as you can so nothing falls out! Ask any 6 year old and this is how she says it should be done!

Pantries that look like this…

Pantry makeover - before

Offices that look like this….

Office Makeover on a budget - Before

This room became the catch all for anything that my husband and kids didn’t know where to put!

So here is the plan, lets tackle these spaces in our homes one at a time 15 minutes at a time.  Organizing can be overwhelming and very time consuming. Who has all day to dedicate to one area of the house, I know I don’t! Everyone can find 15 minutes in a day to work on organizing. Now your projects won’t get done in a day and a big room might take a couple weeks but you will be amazed and how much can get done in one 15 minute period.

Here is the challenge, pick an area to work on and share your pictures with us on Facebook and in the comments. We can encourage each other along! I would love to hear any tips and tricks you have for organizing your spaces too!!!

Now to decide where to start!


4 Ways I Am Improving My Distracted Driving

Over the last month I have had the opportunity to think about distracted driving and the #DecideToDrive campaign. The goal is to increase awareness about the risks of distracted driving through this campaign by empowering everyone to speak up to help reduce distracted behaviors while driving. I thought I was doing pretty good drivingbefore, but quickly realized that I have a confession I need to make…

I am a distracted driver.

Phew! I said it. Now everyone will be watching me. Accountability at it’s best! I am a distracted driver or at least a recovering distracted driver as I have been rethinking and retraining my driving habits over the last few weeks. I am betting I am not alone. In a world where technology is at our finger tips and everything seems to be “go, go go”, it is extremely easy to get distracted while driving. BUT I am discovering that it is just as easy to fix. Here are 4 ways I am improving my distracted driving:


Let It Go!

I know, you now have the song in your head, right? Me, too, but it helps to remember that when it comes to phone calls, texts and emails that you can let them go unanswered until you reach your destination.  The phrase “It Can Wait” helps me to also remember that answering or checking those is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to keep my eyes on the road so I can be aware of the road and a safe driver. If my eyes are on my phone, whose eyes are driving my car? Yikes!

Distracted Driving

If it is important, I need to pull over to take care of it.


“Drivers who text are 23x more likely to be involved in a crash (compared to non-distracted drivers).”- Virginia Tech Transportation Institute”


Don’t Eat While Driving

Guilty! As much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t realize that this is one of my bigger problems. We are constantly running from school to sports to the next thing that often I throw a meal into containers for us to eat on the road. I have been retraining myself to take a few extra minutes to eat before we leave or to wait until we arrive at our destination.



Keep Busy People and Hands In The Back

There are some people I just don’t allow in the front. This guy is going to be one of them! He has to touch EVERY button, dial or vent all the time when he is just sitting in the car parked. I can only imagine how much worse it would be while we are driving. I now have a few people that I refuse to allow to sit up front.! Love them, but I also love them in one piece a lot better!


Discuss the Importance of not Driving Distracted

My kiddos are constantly asking me to watch them while I drive. Um, not possible sweetie! I have learned that if I discuss with my kiddos the importance of me not being distracted while I drive (i.e. fighting, throwing things, etc.), they seem to do a lot better at not being crazy in the car or asking me to look at them. It took a few weeks of reminders, but I think we are there. Hopefully, as they get older this will sink in so much that they will carry the thinking on into their own driving.


Speak Up!

This is probably the most important one. I am not always the driver in our car and my children are not always driving with me. If we are in a car where someone is being distracted (i.e. any of my faults previous listed above), we need to speak up and we need to teach our children to speak up. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be safe and get home in one piece.


Enter To Win

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Auto Alliance have teamed up to spread the awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and need your help! They are looking for the best slogan or catch phrase to make the Decide to Drive Campaign pop and have some awesome prizes for the best ideas.

Decide To Drive Campaign

Go enter the Decide To Drive Catch Phrase Contest now!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

School is finally out for us! Today we celebrated my oldest daughter’s first year at school with her Kindergarten graduation.

photo-118Kindergarten Graduation


At the graduation announce the child and then what they want to be when they grow up.

The loudest cheer from the entire audience was for a little girl’s response of…

Stay At Home Mom

Awesome! Seriously, it was the loudest cheer and I think it surprised all of us. It totally made my day!

On a funny note, another child’s response was  to be “a worker who works and one of those places”. She got a loud cheer too, but not as loud as Moms.

Let the Summer Begin!

Rock on Moms and enjoy summer break with your kiddos!!!!


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