Indoor Snowball Fight

Before Christmas it was cold, but there was no snow! So we created our own indoor snowball fight with something we could all handle being hit with…Toilet Paper!!! I bet you already have this supply on hand, right?:-)

Luckily, I had some individually wrapped toilet paper. If I had not, I would have wrapped a TP roll in packaging tape – one for each person participating in the fight. This ended up being a really fun  activity and really simple to put together. Not only the kids enjoyed it, but the adults did, too. It was the perfect activity to tire out these two little bodies after a day being couped inside. My son has brought out the toilet paper a few times since, requesting another snowball war!

**Note: For older kids (and/or competitive adults), we had to implement a rule of only underhand throwing. Also, it helped to pick a room that did not have any breakables to fight in and we shut the door to keep it to that room.



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