6 Free Meal Plan Resources

Our upcoming challenge for the Slim Down For Summer Fitness Challenge is to plan/write out a full week of meals. When I first start to meal plan (and I am still not the best at this), I always draw a blank! So, I rounded up some FREE resources, including a Glueten-Free and Vegetarian options, and wanted to share them with you! Whether you are participating in the challenge or just on the lookout for some free meal plans, I hope these give you some good ideas!

Change Your Plate Change Your Life

This is Nuturionist Traci Hittman’s site: ItsYourPlate.com. She offers a free 7 day meal plan when you sign up for her newsletter on the right sidebar. The meal plan comes at the end of her free ebook “Top 5 Power Foods” that you also get with your sign up. Expect to see a review on here of her Home Study Course coming in the next few days.

100 Days of Real Food

They offer free 5 weeks of “Real Food” Meal plans. You have to like their facebook page to get weeks 1-4 and sign up for their newsletter to get week 5.

Food On The Table

You must sign up for this Free Meal Planner Creator, but the service is free, too. You get to choose up to 3 local stores you shop at and what types of food you like (meat selection, gluten free, etc.). Then it tells you what your 3 stores have on sale and lets you select from a list of meal ideas that might match the sales. It is actually pretty cool! I am sure there is an upgrade option that is not free, but for 3 stores, it is not bad. They also have an app available for your apple or android phone. It will sync with your account that you created on the computer so you can plan on the computer and then have your shopping list on your phone when you leave your home.

Everything Mom

Offers lots of free meal plan ideas. Meals are not listed in a chart form, but more of by themes…i.e “5 Quick and Easy Spring Dishes.”

Living Locurto

She also as a ton of free weekly meal plans. 24 weeks, to be exact. They are not all necessarily healthy, but there is a variety to choose from and they do look yummy.

Eating Well

And for our Gluten-Free and Vegetarian friends, here is a FREE 7 day Gluten-Free meal plan and a Free 7 day Vegetarioan meal plan. It shows you one day at a time and then you have to select the day of choice from the drop down box. You can also choose how many calories you want to eat.




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