10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

I am sharing 10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts over at Today’s Mama. Come check them out! Perfect for the kiddos to do within the next week and some perfect for the day of Thanksgiving to keep those little hands and brains occupied.

This Oreo Turkey Cookie below has been a Pinterest favorite since I pinned it last week and is one of many of my favorites on this Thanksgiving Craft List!

Which one are you going to try?

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  1. says

    I can’t tell you how cute the turkey is. I wish I had a 3-5 year old so we could do crafts together but I won’t rush it. :)
    Maybe I should start practicing though!

    • says

      “Practicing” is a great excuse to have fun! lol Besides, you don’t need to have kiddos to make any of these. I’m always afraid to go buy all the supplies to make goodies like the Turkey because I don’t want to eat all the leftovers. But I’m discovering that if I make a lot of extras, it is a great excuse to say hi to my neighbors and friends!


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