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5 ingredient Natural All-Purpose Cleaner with lemon essential oil

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

I started a few years ago making my own natural cleaners to save money and now that my kids all help with cleaning I love them not having to be around harsh smelling chemicals. If you are interested in how we do cleaning and chores at my house with 7 … [Read More...]

Baby Doll Diapers {handmade gift}

Baby Doll Diapers {Handmade Gifts}

Ready or not Christmas is right around the corner. In my house we love celebrating Christmas in July. We watch movies, make cookies, and drink hot chocolate and most of all I start planning for Christmas. I love making handmade gifts and if I don't … [Read More...]

Essential Oils for families - how to create your own natural Dr. Mom kit

Essential Oils 101

*UPDATE: We have had to edit this post to be more FDA compliant and are now very limited on what we can say/share about essential oils via our website. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and changed this post to meet those requests. If you would … [Read More...]