Disney Princess Belle Costume {Review}

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Dress up is a regular occurrence in our house with 5 girls, but I have tell you dress up and I have a love hate relationship!  I love watching my kids pretend play and use their imaginations but I hate mending and fixing dress up clothes. (I hate the mess too but that is my kids’ issue not the clothes!) Dress up clothes are not made to be durable, which is annoying. Now I will say that you get what you pay for in dress up clothes. When you pay $20 for a box of six outfits you can’t expect them to last long. But when you fork over the big bucks for a nice costume you expect them to last more than a few months! We recently had our Belle Disney costume die beyond repair and my six year old has been asking for a new one.

#DisneyMom Disney Costume Review - Belle


Well, she was pleasantly surprised when a box arrived in the mail for her with just such a dress!! I have to tell you I don’t think I can ever buy a dress up dress from anywhere again! This costume is made so strong and durable not to mention all the pieces and how nice it looks. It puts our old one to shame and we got it at the Disney store!

Disney Costume Review - Belle 3


It came with a head band, dress and a petticoat to make it even fancier!

Disney Costume Review - Belle 2


Now I will say you definitely get what you pay for. The costumes on CostumeDiscounters.com are not super cheap but they aren’t super expensive either. That being said they are totally worth the cost!!!

Disney Costume Review - Belle 1


My 3 year old has already requested a Sophie costume for her birthday.



Homemade Deodorant

I did it! My Aunt told me about this Homemade Deodorant recipe she had quite awhile ago and I finally put it together thanks to the motivation of our local Pinterest Party Group. I do not know what it took me to try it. One batch took me less than 5 minutes to make and so far, I am stink free…or at least have been for the past week. I even gave it a good sweat test this morning and came out super gross and sweaty, but no under-arm odor (sorry if that is TMI!). Give it a try and tell me what you think!


Ingredients Needed:

  • ¼ c baking soda
  • ¼ c cornstarch
  • 3-5 T coconut oil (needs to be spreadable or melted)
  • 5-7 drops lavender oil (or other essential oil of your choice)

How To Make Natural Deoderant ingredients



Step 1: Add all ingredients together. This is one of those tiny Ikea bowls. It was fine for one batch, but if you are going to make more, use a larger one. It got a little messy.

How To Make Natural Deoderant get ready to mix


Step 2: Mix until it is the consistency of thick frosting or looks (but it will not feel that way!). If needed, add more of one of the above ingredients to get the consistency right (coconut oil to make it thinner or cornstarch/baking soda to make it thicker).  Personally, I think it looks like mashed potatoes!  :-P

How To Make Natural Deoderant 4


Step 3: Store in a little containers. I found these at a local dollar store. 10 for $1. Nice!

How To Make Natural Deoderant containers


One batch will fit into two of these small containers (above) and made 4.6 oz of Natural Deodorant when I was done.

How To Make Natural Deoderant 1 batch


Step 3: Use and enjoy or wrap it up with a little tulle to give as a gift.

How To Make Natural Deoderant


How to Use

Take a pea-sized amount on your finger and spread it on clean, dry underarms. Pretty simple, right?



 Store the deodorant in an airtight container. This does not need to be refrigerated—


How Long Does It Last?

She keeps it in a small container in her bathroom cabinet and it does fine. One batch typically lasts her at least a month.


What Other Homemade Products Have You Made?






East and Fun Easter Craft Ideas

If you are lucky enough, you have a full Friday of no school with the kiddos this Easter weekend. Here are some cute and simple crafts that you can do with your kiddos to help make this weekend even more fun!

Homemade Easter Baskets

We may be making these again come tomorrow. The kids loved making them before and I simply cannot pay money for a basket that is going to get in my way the rest of the year…sorry, I’m in a “get rid of everything” mode. These homemade baskets are a great option for my kiddos to keep them busy Friday and since they are a couple years older, I can only imagine the creativity they will use this year.

Homemade Easter Baskets


Easter Egg Fun

Courtney shared this super fun family activity over at Rusty & Rosy. Another super fun and simple activity to put together.  The best part is, my kids can almost do this on their own vs. real eggs where they need 100% supervision…okay maybe more like 95%. I do not trust any of them with the colored liquids on their own! 8-O Go check it out!

Easter Egg Fun - Rusty and RosyEaster Egg Family Funn



Do you have a fun Easter activity?

Going to an Easter Egg Hunt? You will L.O.V.E. this simple tip!


Easter is so close and we have already received invites for a couple different gatherings that will include an Easter Egg Hunt and want us to bring a dozen pre-filled eggs per child. I love this because Easter Egg Hunts are a lot more fun with a lot of people. What I do not love…the lose candy that falls out of the eggs a long the way and the kiddos picking them up stuffing them back in the egg or worse, eating it anyways. Gross!

Luckily, I have an excellent solution thanks to the Amazing Debra who dropped off my niece to hang this morning. My niece had a bag of plastic Easter Eggs to share at preschool and she just HAD to show us what was inside. Genius!

Easter Candy Tip

No seriously, Genius!

No more melted chocolate M&M’s stuck to the inside of a plastic egg. No more Jelly Beans scattered all over the grass to only be discovered later and maybe eaten. No more super gooey, sticky, colored covered hands from simply opening an egg, that sat in the warm sun a little too long, just to see what is inside. No more catching a bug from candy that has been touched by tons of little hands as it has been passed around…you know, the kids who open the eggs and decide they do not like the contents, so they “hide” it again.  ;-) My own kiddos have probably been guilty of that!

And I have never seen plastic Easter Eggs from my kiddos with  this, yet. So, I am pretty excited to be able to spread the word. “SAVE THE CANDY!”


What You Need:

  • Plastic – plastic sandwich bags, saran wrap, whatever you already have on hand
  • Yarn or string
  • Scissors



Step 1: Gather candy…If you are using any loose candy like Jelly Beans, M&Ms, or anything with a thin tear-away tinfoil wrapper that will leak once the candy starts melting, you will want to use this tip!

Step 2: Use plastic baggies (sandwich, snack, bread, etc) or even plastic wrap and add the candy to the corner. Test your first one in a plastic egg to make sure you are not adding too much candy. After the first one, you will know how many pieces are needed. Debra used about 5 or 6 Jelly Beans, but they were the larger kind.

Step 3: Once you have the right amount tie it with a little yarn or string and cut the plastic. Use the other corner and or create your own “mini bag” by using a flat section and tying up all the corners. (If I confused you, Sorry! Look at the picture…it speaks a thousand words!)

Easter Candy Tip 1

Step 4: Stuff your plastic eggs and Enjoy knowing that you will make another parent very happy!


Do you have any Easter Survival Tips?



Front Entrance Makeover

As you might have already noticed I love Pinterest and all the ideas that are right at your finger tips!! Part of my New Year goals was to start putting into action all those pins I have pinned! So here goes my very first one.

Before Room Makeovers on a budget


I hate my entry way it is super boring no place to hang coats and not very wide, so I honestly did not think I could do anything about it. Until I saw this from Suddenly Inspired

entryway-hooks-gallery-rug - Suddenlyinspired.files.wordpress.com

I instantly new if she could do that so could I.  I started by digging around under my bed, which I know is weird, but this is where all the frames I did not use when we moved ended up.  I had some random frames that needed a makeover and I knew they would be perfect.  With a little bit of sandpaper and paint and they were the perfect distressed look I was going for.  The nail art was made by my fabulous friend Ammanda and I LOVE it.  She is also the artist of all the art work.  She is super talented and doesn’t have an etsy store yet, but if you are interested in any of her prints or her nail art you can contact her here.

After Room Makeovers on a budget


I followed the original Pinterest inspired post’s advice and went to Overstock.com for the rug.  It is an indoor/outdoor rug so I can just take it outside and hose it off if needed! I love their selection and they are super affordable.

I bought the hooks at Home Depot and with a painted piece of wood I had the perfect place to hang purses and jackets!

After Side Wall Room Makeovers on a budget


I love walking past my front entrance now. It makes me smile every time I see it.



Have you done any fun room makeovers?

I would love to see them. You can share them on our Facebook page!!



How To Reuse a Wipe Box to Entertain Your Toddler


I have a problem. This Little Lady has discovered how fun it is to pull things out of boxes or off rolls over and over again. She L.O.V.E.S. to do this!

How to keep babies from pulling everything out


Luckily, I have a fun stash of fabric squares from making a blanket and other sample scraps that are perfect for this activity.

Activities for Scrap Fabric


And luckily, I have friends who gave me an empty wipe box. Combining these two items, we have created the perfect solution to fix our pulling addiction! There are a variety of ways to make this and all are entertaining for this busy age and super easy to put together. Even her big brother and sister love helping her clean it up!

Fabric Todler play


What You Need:

  • Empty wipe box
  • Fabric squares with  a variety of textures
  • A curious toddler



Step 1: Gather supplies and cut squares if needed. The more textures and colorsy ou have in the mix, the better. It will allow you to talk about rough, soft, scratchy, names of colors, etc. We usually use the plastic bag type wipes, so we put a shout out among our friends and sure enough, we had a couple friends who had extra empty cases to give us.

Recycling Wipe boxes


Step 2: Put the box in front of your toddler and enjoy watching their curiosity go to work. You may want to give them some hints on what they are supposed to do, but give them a little time to figure it out on their own first.photo 4Fabric Todler play


Step 3: Enjoy! She was so excited every time she pulled a piece out.

Wipe Box Fun Fabric Todler play


Her brother thought it was fun to match the squares up!

Siblings like to help! Fabric Todler play


She learned how to say “soft” with this activity. She loves pulling out the silky ones and rubbing them on her cheeks. I love this picture!

Textured fabric for babies



What are your favorite Wipe Box activities?

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