Front Entrance Makeover

As you might have already noticed I love Pinterest and all the ideas that are right at your finger tips!! Part of my New Year goals was to start putting into action all those pins I have pinned! So here goes my very first one.

Before Room Makeovers on a budget


I hate my entry way it is super boring no place to hang coats and not very wide, so I honestly did not think I could do anything about it. Until I saw this from Suddenly Inspired

entryway-hooks-gallery-rug -

I instantly new if she could do that so could I.  I started by digging around under my bed, which I know is weird, but this is where all the frames I did not use when we moved ended up.  I had some random frames that needed a makeover and I knew they would be perfect.  With a little bit of sandpaper and paint and they were the perfect distressed look I was going for.  The nail art was made by my fabulous friend Ammanda and I LOVE it.  She is also the artist of all the art work.  She is super talented and doesn’t have an etsy store yet, but if you are interested in any of her prints or her nail art you can contact her here.

After Room Makeovers on a budget


I followed the original Pinterest inspired post’s advice and went to for the rug.  It is an indoor/outdoor rug so I can just take it outside and hose it off if needed! I love their selection and they are super affordable.

I bought the hooks at Home Depot and with a painted piece of wood I had the perfect place to hang purses and jackets!

After Side Wall Room Makeovers on a budget


I love walking past my front entrance now. It makes me smile every time I see it.



Have you done any fun room makeovers?

I would love to see them. You can share them on our Facebook page!!



How To Reuse a Wipe Box to Entertain Your Toddler


I have a problem. This Little Lady has discovered how fun it is to pull things out of boxes or off rolls over and over again. She L.O.V.E.S. to do this!

How to keep babies from pulling everything out


Luckily, I have a fun stash of fabric squares from making a blanket and other sample scraps that are perfect for this activity.

Activities for Scrap Fabric


And luckily, I have friends who gave me an empty wipe box. Combining these two items, we have created the perfect solution to fix our pulling addiction! There are a variety of ways to make this and all are entertaining for this busy age and super easy to put together. Even her big brother and sister love helping her clean it up!

Fabric Todler play


What You Need:

  • Empty wipe box
  • Fabric squares with  a variety of textures
  • A curious toddler



Step 1: Gather supplies and cut squares if needed. The more textures and colorsy ou have in the mix, the better. It will allow you to talk about rough, soft, scratchy, names of colors, etc. We usually use the plastic bag type wipes, so we put a shout out among our friends and sure enough, we had a couple friends who had extra empty cases to give us.

Recycling Wipe boxes


Step 2: Put the box in front of your toddler and enjoy watching their curiosity go to work. You may want to give them some hints on what they are supposed to do, but give them a little time to figure it out on their own 4Fabric Todler play


Step 3: Enjoy! She was so excited every time she pulled a piece out.

Wipe Box Fun Fabric Todler play


Her brother thought it was fun to match the squares up!

Siblings like to help! Fabric Todler play


She learned how to say “soft” with this activity. She loves pulling out the silky ones and rubbing them on her cheeks. I love this picture!

Textured fabric for babies



What are your favorite Wipe Box activities?

Alphabet Nature Walk

Do your kiddos love to take pictures? My 2 oldest love every opportunity to have a camera in their hands. Courtney is sharing on Rusty & Rosy her recent outing letting her girls take pictures of letters they find in nature.


We have all taken alphabet nature walks with our kids looking for things that begin with the letter A (apple tree), B (bird), C (cactus), D (dandelion) etc.  We did a little twist on this the last time (Read more here)

Alphabet Nature Walk




What are your favorite type of nature walks?

General Conference – Color The Speaker – Part 2 {FREE Printable}

As promised, I put together a female General Conference “Color The Speaker” printable. I will admit, it is pretty scary looking, but all the females usually wear a variety of jackets, necklaces and scarfs that is was hard to pick one style for the jacket. So, I ended up trying to make it as neutral as possible and the kiddos can get creative with the collars, necklines, hair, jewelry, etc.

General Conference Fun On a Dime FREE Printable - Female FREE Coloring Printable - Female Speaker


CLICK HERE to get your FREE printable

and make sure to

check out our other General Conference Prep Ideas  and get a copy of the male General Conference “Color the Speaker” printable.


Baking a Tier Cake for Mother’s Day {Featured Post}

Making a cake with my kiddos is always a lot of fun, so I am excited to be working with Mark & Spencer to bring you a featured post on adding another level of fun {literally} to your cake making fun. We seem to have plenty of holidays, birthdays and other excuses coming up that may just need a cute cake, so we will be putting these tips to use soon!



A great family activity to celebrate the occasion

When people visualize a three-tier cake, they automatically think of a wedding cake, but who is to say that tiered cakes are solely designed for that one purpose?

Three-tier cake


A great way to bring your loved ones together is by making a personal, three-tier cake. Pulling family members together to bake one large cake could be fun and economical all at once. Since Mother’s Day is coming up, it might be a good idea to get everyone to join forces in the kitchen to bake the king of all cakes.

Contrary to popular belief, three tier cakes aren’t actually that difficult to make; it’s all really about the proportions of each tier. For an easy yet delicious cake, it might be worth trying out the recipe for the Three-tier red velvet cake from the BBC’s Baking Made Easy. It calls for common and inexpensive baking ingredients along with red food coloring and ready-to-roll white icing. However, if your loved ones are feeling rather adventurous, All Recipes provides instructions for making rolled fondant icing. Separate stations could be set up in the kitchen; some people could be assigned to measuring, some to mixing, and others to decorating. There’s plenty to do, and the more people that are there to help out, the merrier.

Finally, the last step to this magnificent creation, is stacking. The BBC provides directions on how to stack all three tiers, but in case you are more of a visual learner, Ali Rodham, one of M&S’s product developers, demonstrates a quick and easy way for stacking contemporary cakes.


The fun doesn’t have to end with stacking though. Other decorative additions can be fixed to the cake, such as frosting flowers. It’s an additional task, but for those who are super crafty you will definitely enjoy it.

Not only is the cake fun, personal and heartfelt, but so is the process itself. A simple and cost effective way to celebrate the people that deserve the best, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone will be smiling from ear to ear on Mother’s Day.




General Conference – Color The Speaker {FREE Printable}

I love all the free printables that are all over the web for General Conference, but most of the time they are geared for older children. So, my kiddos usually only color the coloring pages and leave the rest (or I only started printing the coloring pages). My mom mentioned that she used to hand draw coloring sheets similar to these for my sisters so they could draw the speaker and try to pay attention.


General Conference Fun On a Dime FREE PrintableFREE Coloring Printable

I think my kiddos are going to love them. This way they can still pay attention (at least a little) and focus on the details (hair, tie, suit, etc) of the speaker, if they are having a hard time listening to the details of his/her talk.  And speaking of “her”…I’m going to make a female version tonight. I totally spaced that! Stay tuned! UPDATE: Here is the female speaker printable!


CLICK HERE to get your FREE Printable

and as an added bonus

Check out our other General Conference Prep Ideas – Perfect for the whole family


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