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Family Night FHE Ideas

Family Night-What makes it successful?

What does your Family Night look like? It doesn’t always go as planned, it doesn’t always last a full 30 minutes even and with little ones that’s ok. Just as long as we try our best they will get the rest. I love teaching my kids, I’m not perfect at it but I love it […]


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Scripture Printable

Memorizing is brain power! Each month in Primary at church there's a new scripture of the month.  I'll be posting a printable for each month and you can have it for FREE to print and share. Encouraging your little ones to memorize it and … [Read More...]

valentines for kids

Homemade Valentines {Free Printable}

Don't look now but Valentines Day is around the corner! We were at the store the other day and my kids were looking through the boxed Valentines and were complaining that everyone always has the same Valentines. We got to talking and they said they … [Read More...]